About Us




What happens when a bunch of like minded adventurous souls can’t help but try and re-invent the wheel?
You have plenty of great Camp Fire stories to tell!!!

The team behind TOYTUF have been living and breathing adventure, travel, 4wding, Camping and exploration for years. From hiking the mountains of Africa, skiing the slopes of New Zealand to conquering unbeaten paths in Australia – its all about living.

With a background and involvement in the 4wd and Camping Industry for many years, the team at TOYTUF came together for the next big challenge – giving campers better options and quality Tents, Awnings and Accessories.

Building and Improving our products is a never ending goal for the team at TOYTUF – from introducing industry leading enhancements in features and engineering to simplifying and improving ease of use of components and tools, we strive for creating the best quality and most user friendly Camping Accessories on the market.

Check us out – give our gear a go – let’s get out there together!